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Start Out Strong with the Power of Kindness and Giving

August is National Win with Civility Month! Here are some ideas (from the folks at helpothers.org) that you can use to start out strong and get your team thinking about the power of kindness and giving:

– Take flowers to work and share them with coworkers.

– Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, praising the employee.

– Leave enough money in the vending machine for the next person to get a free treat. (Tape the change and a note to the machine)

– Leave a cake or other food item in a central area anonymously with a Thank-You note.

– Email an article about an act of kindness to your group every week. (For examples, see www.helpothers.org)

– Give your manager or co-worker a thought-provoking book. (Hint: “The REAL Healthcare Reform: How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career” is a great option for this one!)

– Print an inspiring story and put it on your work bulletin board.

– Commit “Random Acts of Thankfulness” with these “Thank You” cards.

– Buy a cup of coffee or snack for someone who is having a long day.

Have fun with this! It shouldn’t feel hard or forced. Just do what feels right and enjoy the collective, satisfied sigh of relief you hear from your team!

Leave us a comment about what you did and how it worked for you!

Random Acts of Thankfulness

Thankfulness, gratitude, random acts, civility, workplace kindness
When was the last time you thanked someone that you appreciate?

Print, cut and hand out these free printable thank you cards.

Leave them in strategic places where you know the recipient will find them!

Watch the smiles widen as your gratitude spreads!



A Free Gift for You!

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Enjoy these free printable bookmarks from EmbracingCivility.com.

Use them to hold your place while reading “The REAL Healthcare Reform!”

Be sure to click the “Freebies” tab on EmbracingCivility.com for more useful printables!

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you!



A New Freebie from EmbracingCivility.com!

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Enjoy this free printable calendar from EmbracingCivility.com.
It’s full of inspirational quotes on kindness, teamwork and positivism.

Be sure to click the “Freebies” tab on EmbracingCivility.com for more useful printables!


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