Are you feeling burned out, beaten down, belittled or bullied on the job? You’re not alone.

An epidemic of incivility infects most healthcare workplaces. In fact, it’s probably the “disease” causing your symptoms!  Embracing civility is the cure.

REAL healthcare reform lies in reversing the culture of incivility in the workplace. Our book gives you targeted, action-oriented information and specific exercises to help you understand the incivility epidemic, why it is happening and what you can do right now to make it stop.

You will find the tactics and strategies you need to put civility to work and resolve the toxic atmosphere polluting your workplace. The good news is that when you embrace civility, your patients benefit, too. Some of the most urgent issues affecting patient care–including unsafe staffing ratios, high employee turnover and poor communication between team members–can be turned around by eradicating incivility.

The Joint Commission recommends education for all healthcare staff members on appropriate professional behavior. This book is the answer to that recommendation.

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